We offer the production of aluminum profile according to the customer’s drawings:

Production time

The production time of the aluminum profile depends on the quantity and type of profile.

The average production time is 3 weeks. But in some cases, the production time may be less.

It is in our best interest to ship your order as early as possible. We always meet our customers halfway.

How to order the production

We successfully carry out the production and supply of aluminum profiles throughout Uzbekistan. It is possible to order the production of an aluminum profile according to a sample or drawing by contacting our managers by phone in contacts or by sending an e-mail request.

How we work


First, our company will draw up a technical specification for the manufacture of a matrix set


Depending on the requirements and purposes of use, the products can be supplemented with special properties


All products are manufactured according to state standards and have all the necessary supporting documents and certificates.


Aluminum profiles are superior in many respects to steel products and are used as a structural and facing material. The use of such a profile has no boundaries.